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AIM — Asset Inventory Management

Take AIM to avoid costs and simplify your life. AIM is Herman Miller's proprietary software specifically designed to manage furniture assets.

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History of Transactions Screen
History of Inventory Transactions by date range

Cost/Quantity Out Report
Cost/Quantity Out Report



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AIM provides:

  • A simple way to track and reuse assets to avoid unnecessary purchases
  • A process to analyze assets in order to eliminate obsolete inventory and reduce storage costs
  • A means to manage the level of assets needed for normal churn, so reconfigurations can be executed more efficiently
  • Reduced cycle times from order to delivery and complete, on-time, and error-free installations
  • The ability to view inventories at single or multiple sites in order to understand the total value of assets across all locations

Create Standards
• Share standard definition in generic pool
• Create standards with SIF
• Define search fields

Add Inventory
• Add inventory with SIF
• Track moves
• Export information via SIF
• Search inventory by defined fields

Better Manage Your Assets
• View assets in a single location or at multiple sites
• Reserve assets with an automatic hold of inventory or with inventory netting via SIF
• Create reports:
Create ReportsStandard reports
Create ReportsReservation reports
Create ReportsHistorical reports
• Control inventory:
Create ReportsStock high-volume products
Create ReportsEliminate unused assets
Create ReportsReduce costs

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