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Canvas Office Landscape

Today's office landscape is about more choice, connection, sustainability, technology, the virtual world, globalization, networks, transparency. It's also about less real estate, emissions, formality, paper, physical presence, and being tethered—to a desk, a specific space, old ideas. This all adds up to a shift to a community-centric approach.

Canvas Office Landscape - Beam-based

By offering a wide but cohesive array of choices, Canvas helps you create complete, unified landscapes that are flexible, beautiful, and scalable.




Canvas Office Landscape - Private Office  

The cohesive solution offered by Canvas can create anything from public spaces to private offices—and helps people work easily together.

Canvas lets you mirror an organization's culture, values, and work needs.


Private Offices

Canvas Office Landscape - Workstation  

Canvas is designed according to Herman Miller's cradle-to-cradle protocol and is GREENGUARD certified, helping you achieve LEED credits.

Canvas components are 69% recyclable.

Frames are 100% recyclable steel

A typical workstation has 36% recycled content.

120 degree Workstations

Canvas Office Landscape - Wall-based  

Technology, which allows people and their work to move almost anywhere, and a generation of workers who move around naturally have challenged the static workplace.

People today can and do work anywhere.