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Energy Manager

Energy Manager is a simple device you add to your Herman Miller systems furniture to improve its performance by saving electrical energy.

Energy Manager Drawing

Energy Manager within a frame

Energy Manager motion sensors

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Energy Manager controls two of the four circuits of power in a cluster of workstations. When a person sits down to work, an occupancy sensor detects their presence and turns on the devices in the cluster plugged into those two circuits—task lights, printers, monitors, chargers, etc. When the cluster is unoccupied, the devices automatically turn off.

Two Forms of Energy Manager

Energy Manager operates by itself using occupancy sensing to save you energy because devices are on only when a cluster of workstations is occupied.

It can also be connected to a Convia programmable gateway to become Convia-enabled. This gives it the capability to create reports on workstation occupancy and to be used as a triggering device for the gateway to control other building systems. This information helps you optimize floor plans and worker adjacencies to gain real estate savings and improve productivity.

How It Works

Energy Manager installs easily between building power and the modular power of Herman Miller systems, either new or retrofit. The unit is simple and compact, even unnoticeable.

Each Energy Manager can control the power to any two of the four circuits feeding a cluster of workstations—up to eight. The other two circuits are unaffected, preventing the unwanted depowering of devices that must remain always on.

Facility-Related Services
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