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Office and Facility Reconfigurations

Stamford Office Furniture knows very well that, with new hires, team realignments, departmental consolidations and more, your facility is continually changing.  We can help get your office working efficiently again.

Furniture Reconfiguration

Existing furniture vs. the configuration that you want—

—we'll do the math for you.

By making a CAD drawing of your existing installation and another of your target workstation configuration, we can easily compare the two electronically to advise you of any missing parts that would need to be ordered.

Facility-Related Services

As an authorized dealer for over 200 office furniture manufacturers, you can be confident that smooth tear-down and re-installation is one of Stamford Office Furniture’s expert services.

From site inspections and CAD drawings, to scheduling, inventory management and a dedicated installation crew, Stamford Office Furniture ensures downtime and its costs are minimized through careful planning and implementation.

Whether you ask us to handle the entire reconfiguration or to supplement your in-house staff, we are able to provide:

• Site inspection
• Space planning support
• Scheduling and inventory
• Dedicated crew of installers experienced with all brands of furniture

Attention to the details: precision leveling, cleaning and wipe-down after installation, completion of all punch list items.Facility-Related Services