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Canvas Office Landscape

From Herman Miller, Canvas Office Landscape integrates well with My Studio Environments, both aesthetically (they share the same palette of fabrics and finishes) and price-wise, taking the frame-and-tile concept to new levels of affordability.

Vivo Interiors by Herman Miller

Crisp aesthetic.

Sustainable. Up to 70.8 percent of components are recyclable; frames are 100 percent recyclable steel. Materials are easily separated for recycling. An average workstation contains 37.5 percent recycled content.

Range of wall heights from 35-79 inches to allow various levels of privacy.

Range of wall widths from 24-48 inches in 6-inch increments. Stacking frames can increase wall height to 90 inches.

Tile choices include:
• tackable
• fabric
• rail
• marker
• debossed
• power/data
• painted
• window

A reflective horizontal bead between tiles creates a visual highlight.

And now available in 120 degree configurations.
Vivo Interiors by Herman Miller

Vivo Interiors by Herman Miller  
Vivo Interiors by Herman Miller