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Give Your Office a Facelift

Has it been ages since you did anything new with your space? We understand that budget is always a consideration; here are some economical ideas for giving your environment an updated look.

Resolve System




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Some ideas for updating your space:

Check out Herman Miller's Resolve system. It may not be applicable for all departments, but even a station or two, strategically placed and with screens printed to enhance your company's image, can bring a breath of fresh air. Represent each department graphically. And best of all - the screens are replaceable. If the look becomes dated or the message no longer applicable, just change the screen!

If you own Herman Miller's Ethospace, the tiles can be recovered with new fabric for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Or graphics can be printed on either a single tile (to designate the location of a department, for example) or on several adjacent tiles to create a mural.

"Something old, something new..."well, we're not set on blue, but marrying some new pieces with your existing furniture can give your space a whole new feel. Herman Miller's Ethospace system now has retrofittable tambour door storage units and accessories made from translucent materials that will blend with any color scheme. Check out the Avive table collection too.

If you own Aeron chairs, the retrofittable PostureFit will soothe your employees' back strain even better than the lumbar pad did.

Or simply get everything cleaned. SOF can coordinate the cleaning of panels/tiles, carpeting, and seating fabrics. And we can do it so that it's convenient for you (over a weekend, for example).

Facility-Related Services