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Lower Employee Health-Related Costs

Even if your company doesn't face an extraordinary number of worker's comp claims, the insurance industry does — ergo, higher rates. Read on to understand the many benefits of ergonomic products and training.

PostureFit for Aeron


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Here's a quick pop quiz:

True or False: Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball.

True or False: Contracted muscles are inefficient muscles.

True or False: You're likely to get more time off for an amputation than for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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PostureFit for the Aeron chair provides custom-fitted support in the lower-back area below the beltline, where the spine meets the pelvis.


Herman Miller, our primary vendor, has formed an alliance with Future Industrial Technologies (F.I.T.) to provide customers with a unique hands-on approach to ergonomic training. F.I.T. training is based on the principle of body management — preventing physical stress by learning to use the body correctly.


Pop quiz answers:
1. True
2. True
3. False. The average number of days off for an amputation is 18; for carpal tunnel syndrome, 27.

Facility-Related Services