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Improve Employee Morale

When times are hard, people fear for their jobs. One way to retain and reap rewards from the investment you have made in your people is to give them an attractive and effective workspace.

My Studio Environments

Coffee Bar with Eames tables and chairs

Celeste tablet-arm seating

Facility-Related Services

Want to give valuable employees an office, but don't have the room or budget to build walls? Take a look at Herman Miller's My Studio Environments.

Allow SOF to bring in some F.I.T. specialists. That is, ergonomics experts. Not only will your employees feel valued for the attention, but
you will benefit from fewer worker's comp claims and, over time, lower health insurance rates.

Do you have a kitchen or lunchroom? Choose furniture and lighting that gives the feel of a coffee house or a sidewalk cafe. SOF can show you furnishings from a wide variety of manufacturers that will enhance the
atmosphere you are looking for.

If you own Aeron chairs, the new, retrofittable PostureFit will soothe your employees back strain even better than the lumbar pad does.

In many companies much is accomplished via impromtu meetings held in the hallway. What about creating nooks with tablet arm seating to encourage collaboration?

Facility-Related Services